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While His Wife Was Sleeping, The Guy Caught And Fucked The Robber

Young Russian beauty Sasha Rose decided to rob a young couple while they were sleeping, the girl snuck into the apartment and began to clean the apartment. Suddenly the husband woke up who suspected something and decided to check the apartment, there he saw the robber and attacked her from behind, the girl reacted quickly and reached for the boy's penis. The kid got very excited from this and decided to fuck the robber while his wife was sleeping in the next room. The dark-haired baby began to suck the cock of the owner of the apartment, after which she gave the guy to tear off her clothes and enter her shaved pussy. The boy has not experienced such emotions during sex for a long time, because his wife has not given him what he wanted for a long time, and this juicy beauty did everything that the boy would say. As a result, when the kid fucked the girl, he took the loot from her and let her go in the hope that the girl would come back one day and fuck with him again.

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