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Young Girl Fucks With Her Friend's Father

Sexy babe named Emma Hix wanted to have sex very much, the girl masturbated her wet pussy, imagining how a big dick enters her hole. The girl was lying on the bed with her friend, who was sleeping at that moment, and heard how her friend's parents decided to have a little fun having sex with handcuffs. Emma decided to go see, and found her friend's father with a standing dick. Since he was blindfolded, the bitch decided to take advantage of this and fuck with him until his wife came. The girl crept inside, and began to gently lick the hard cock. The peasant at that moment was impressed by the blowjob, he could not imagine that his wife was so proficient with her tongue and mouth, but the male could not even think that his daughter's girlfriend was sucking him. After sucking, the young girl sat down on a hard cock and started jumping on it, giving the peasant even more pleasure. At that moment, the peasant's wife knocked on the room, she heard the sounds of sex, but she could not even think that the peasant was cheating on her with a young beauty who was simply gorgeous in bed.

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