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114 2 months ago 35:32

A Depraved Fan Made Her Way Into The Musician's House

A petite blonde named Anastasia Knight found out where her favorite musician lives and decided to sneak into his house. The beauty was incredibly happy to see the legendary guitar, listen to the best tracks, but the owner of the mansion was shocked by an annoying fan who illegally entered his home. The young beauty did not lose her head and while the anger of the bald man did not go beyond the living room, the slut quickly unbuttoned his pants and began to suck. Her gentle hands held the penis tightly and shoved it deeper into her mouth. Sensual lips sucked eggs, and a playful tongue teased the bridle. After a great blowjob, the man sat down in a chair and planted the girl on top. The skin liked to ride on the penis, while squeezing her clitoris for more pleasure. After working her head a little more, the baby turned her little ass so that the idol grabbed her shoulder and abruptly entered from behind. He actively fucked a horny bitch, driving his penis deeper and faster into a young crack, which made the baby moan louder and more depraved. The musician twirled the bitch in various poses, enjoying her narrow hole.

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