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517 1 year ago 23:21

A Fat Man Fucks A Young Bitch Properly

A blonde beauty named Rebecca has long dreamed of becoming a fashion model, the girl has the qualities necessary to become popular, but she is constantly denied, as they find much better applicants. This time our heroine decided to act for sure, so she came home to the owner of a magazine to talk to him about her career. The fat man was happy to host young girls at home, because he knew that these bitches would do anything to make their dream come true. Baby Rebecca was sitting with a man on the couch and looking at old photos, the uncle was explaining to our beauty how to become in order to show all her charms. Already sitting on the couch, the peasant was thinking how he would fuck this bitch, so he constantly stroked her knee, hinting in every possible way that he needed sex at the moment, and the conversation would be later. The girl realized this, spread her legs and the peasant began stroking her pink pussy. Our blonde first made a fat man a hot blowjob, after which she sat on his penis and fucked with the old man in a variety of poses, giving the male great pleasure.

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