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A Man After Cleaning Fucked A Fragile Maid

A pretty girl named Mi Ha Doan got a job in a posh mansion as a maid, for a good daily fee. Taking the inventory, the beauty got to work, and the bald owner of a huge house was watching her closely. A sexy brunette with a good figure immediately liked him, and a concerned male offered her to have passionate sex, and for the implementation of this idea, the guy offered a good reward, so the girl agreed. The bald owner of the house, unbuttoned his pants and pulled out his hard, swollen penis, and the beauty knelt down and began to do a deep blowjob, swallowing his cock in the throat up to the balls, blocking the man's breathing with a hose. Then the man laid the fragile maid on the sofa and fucked in all his favorite poses, and the lady moaned passionately for the whole house. A man after an incredible female orgasm himself finished on her face, splattering her almost all the skin around her mouth. The owner of the house was satisfied and satisfied, and the maid earned a good salary increase. But the wife still caught them after sex and kicked the slut out of her house.

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