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Cute Blonde Fucks With Her Friend's Father

Cute beauty Elsa Jean came to visit her friend to eat pizza and talk about boys. In the midst of their communication, Elsa accidentally started talking about her friend's father's penis and assumed that he was pretty big. Joseline Kelly did not want to talk about it and the girls quickly changed the subject, but our blonde did not calm down on this. The beauty decided to follow the peasant and look at his penis. The girl waited for the uncle to go to the shower and followed him, the baby took several photos of her friend's father's penis through the crack and was very excited by what she saw. The girl went into the first room, quickly took off her clothes and began caressing her pussy looking at the hard penis of the peasant. It was at this moment that the uncle came into the room and began waving his dignity on all sides, our beauty could not stand it and just attacked the peasant. The uncle was shocked by the behavior of the young beauty, but he did not drive her away, but fucked the baby well in a variety of poses and at the end splashed hot sperm on the pretty face of his daughter's friend.

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