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Diligent Girl Pleases Her Sponsor

A lustful skin named Sydney Cole became the mistress of a wealthy guy and now, at every meeting with him, portrays an obedient girl who has not seen cocks. The blonde puts on simple white panties, puts a hairpin in her hair, puts on a seductive plaid skirt, does everything to make her sponsor happy. As soon as he enters the house, the baby jumps around him and shoots innocent eyes, lifting up her skirt. He really likes it when a girl turns her booty and asks him to gently stroke her, and even gently slap her. The girl tries to be submissive in her presence, and after undressing, lie down on the sofa so that he can check with his fingers how much his mistress missed that she immediately got wet from one touch. But the guy is more interested in whether her mouth misses his big dick, because the slut gets on her knees and starts doing blowjob, diligently licking the eggs. With a taste of dick on the tongue, the baby lies on her back, and moans passionately when the man begins to fuck her. The pilot skin feels how he penetrates deep into it, which makes the baby involuntarily massage her clitoris to finish faster, but the sponsor is not going to get off her all day.

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