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Charming Blonde Wanted Morning Sex

Waking up on a sunny morning, the charming blonde Kylie Page went to soak up by the pool. After splashing in the water, the baby began to cover herself with tanning gel. Her hands slid over the beautiful forms, which made the girl very excited, and did not notice how her fingers were already caressing the papillae, sliding over the tummy and lowered to the wet pussy. The girl could not cope with her desire on her own, and went to wake her lover. The beauty threw off the blankets from him and, smearing her hands with cream, began to gently caress his penis. After such actions, the lover woke up and allowed the bitch to suck. The baby worked her mouth greedily, gradually plunging deeper and deeper, licking it with her tongue inside. Drops of sperm fell from the lips on the chest, and the slut smeared their head on the nipples, and then squeezed the penis between the tits, and looked at the guy with a depraved look from below. The boy laid the blonde beauty on the bed, spreading her legs, plunged his tongue into the cap, resting his nose on the pubis and clitoris. The blonde finally got turned on and straddled her beloved. Her eyes were closing with pleasure, and languid moans escaped from her lips.

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