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Terminally Ill Guy Fucks His Best Friend

A guy named Codey Steele recently found out that he had a terminal illness and he didn't have long left, for this reason he made a list of things to do in the near future. One of these cases was sex with his best friend, he had long dreamed of fucking a girl, but their relationship was always only friendly. The guy called the girl to visit him and told her everything in order, a beauty named Vanna Bardot was shocked by what she heard and could not believe it. The girl was already thinking of leaving, but the guy managed to convince her, because it was still his dying wish. The beauty very reluctantly lay down on the bed, and the guy at this time began to make his way to her tender pussy. The male quickly pulled off the girl's panties and began to lick the beauty's pussy, at that moment the baby tried to forget what she had heard as quickly as possible and just enjoy her friend. After cunnilingus, our hero took out his hard cock and stuck it in the mouth of the beauty. The girl gave the guy just a wonderful blowjob, after which she spread her legs in front of him, where she was fucked in a variety of poses.

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