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503 11 months ago 01:05:45

A Man Fucked His Personal Slave Hard In A Dirty Basement

A young girl argued the day of slavery to her old friend, but the baby could not even think that she would be very hard to have in all the cracks for one hour. The girl did not know about this guy's preferences, and was very surprised when he locked her in the basement and began to undress. The beautiful Gina Valentina could not do anything, because she herself agreed to one day of slavery, and this day the baby will never forget. Tommy Pistol chained the girl up and started slapping the pink pussy of the baby with a whip. But that was just the beginning, because when the man broke up, the baby could barely hold back her tears, because he fucked her pretty hard with different objects. He literally forcibly shoved his penis into the girl's mouth, after which he took up the baby's pussy. The man literally shoved his whole hand into a small pussy, after which he began to fuck the girl hard with his penis. The girl literally prayed for the end of these tortures, but for this the uncle had to finish. After a long and very hard sex, the man finally discharged his penis right on the girl's face, and only then freed her from sexual slavery. The beautiful Gina will never forget this day and the emotions she experienced during sex, because in truth she received a lot of pleasure and a storm of emotions that it will be difficult to ever surpass.

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