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Two Guys Fuck A Curvy Beauty On The Hood Of A Car

Curvy baby Keisha Grey was riding around the city with her boyfriend, the girl couldn't wait to taste the boy's penis and she decided to seduce him right in the car. Taking out her favorite vibrator in the form of ice cream from the glove compartment, the beauty began to lick it sexually, then the girl pushed her panties aside and began to shove it into her pussy. The guy got excited from this, so he took out his penis so that the baby sucked him. Stopping on the side of the road, the girl started sucking her boy's dick, but in the rearview mirror, the guy noticed a police car that stopped nearby, fearing arrest, the couple quickly stopped their pranks and began to pretend that nothing was happening. The policeman decided to search the sexy baby, and when he noticed that the girl without panties, he began to lick her pussy right on the hood of the car, while the guy saw the baby all this. When the girl returned to the car, the policeman offered the only option to avoid a fine and possibly jail, for this the baby had to fuck with the policeman right there. The girl was not averse and put her hole under the policeman's big penis, so as not to run around her boy, the baby took out his dick and began to suck it, while the policeman entered her pussy. As a result, two guys with big dicks fucked the girl right on the hood of the car and finished the baby on a pretty face.

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