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517 1 year ago 21:12

A Passionate Mulatto Seduced A Young Latina

Charming Latin American Veronica Rodriguez was doing paperwork when her dark-skinned girlfriend named Vienna Black came and brought the mail. Among the bills was a strange pink jar meant for her. Turning the lid, the girl was completely sprayed with sequins and confetti. After laughing at the joke, the girls decided to clean everything up, but when the Latina started shaking herself off, she couldn't find out how much stuck behind. Fortunately, the mulatto is always ready to help a friend. The beauty slowly began to shake off her ass, and, smiling mischievously, pulled off her panties, and ran her tongue over her tender cap. The baby was not against such touches, and sitting comfortably on the couch, allowed her to caress her labia with nimble fingers. But after such pleasure, the Latin bitch also wanted to feel the taste of a mulatto. After laying her down, the slut spread her legs, and began to passionately suck her clitoris, not forgetting to caress with her fingers. The bitches laughed and continued to tease each other with tongues, rubbing their caps until one of them got a jet orgasm that sprayed her friend.

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