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A Student Fucks In The Ass With Her Tutor

The parents of a young student, whose name is Katty West, decided to hire a tutor. The girl had to prepare for exams, so a peasant began to go to her, who immediately liked our heroine. Today, the beauty decided not to wear panties, in the hope that the male will notice this and properly fuck her in full. When the guy came and started teaching the girl, he accidentally dropped the pen, this is the moment our baby was waiting for. When the male reached under the table, he immediately saw that the girl was sitting without panties, and this excited him very much. The guy gradually began to touch the girl's legs, and when he realized that she was not averse to having sex, he began to gently masturbate the girl's already wet pussy. The couple decided to postpone their studies for later, because they wanted to enjoy each other in full. The tutor laid the beauty on the table and began to gently lick her pussy, after which he took out his penis and thrust it into the girl's mouth so that she gave him a good blowjob. After exchanging oral caresses, the guy fucked the pussy and ass of our young heroine and at the very end finished the girl right on her face.

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