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Bearded Guy Cheats On A Girl With A Hot Blonde

An envious girl named Mia Malkova decided to seduce her friend's bearded boy, the girl waited until baby Alexa Grace went to the shower, and right at that moment decided to seduce and sleep with a peasant. The guy was a little shocked when he saw a curvy little Mia in front of him, he knew this girl and had long dreamed of fucking her. Today his dreams will come true, because Mia came to sleep with this sexy guy. The boy quickly undressed the hot girl and began to lick her sweet pussy, after which he entered the beauty's pussy with his hard cock and began to fuck her gently. The guy completely forgot that his girlfriend was in the shower at that moment and could get out of there at any minute, at that moment the guy was just thinking how best to fuck this baby. Flexible beauty Mia in bed turned out to be just great, she completely satisfied the boy, after which the boy finished the beauty right on her tummy. After sex, the beauty quickly packed up her things and left the room, because there was a girl of this guy very close by who would have made a huge scandal if she saw that her boyfriend was cheating on her.

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