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142 2 weeks ago 27:12

Security Guard Fucks A Latin Girl On Her Birthday

The young beauty Adrian Maya invited all her friends to her birthday, this holiday was very important for the girl because the baby was going to sleep with her friend with whom the girl was in love. The bald guard ruined all the plans of the rich girl, because the bandits decided to kidnap the girl and demand a ransom from her rich father. The Latin baby Adrian was very angry because of the actions of the man, but could not do anything, because the man literally forced the baby to follow him. The baby wanted to have sex that day, and such a fact as a threat to her safety will not stop the beauty in achieving her goal in any way. Seducing her guard, the girl began to suck his cock, after which she took off her panties and let the peasant into her shaved pussy. The guy happily fucked the girl, but forgot about safety. After the guy finished, bandits broke into the room and kidnapped a naked beauty, putting a bag on the girl's head. . .

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