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A Young Girl Fucks With Her Best Friend's Father

The peasant made sandwiches for his daughter and her friend Dillion Harper, because today is the girls' first day of college. Baby Dillion constantly winked at him, but the man did not betray any importance to this. Left at home alone, the man cooked himself breakfast after which he was going to jerk off a little, because he had not had sex for a long time. Suddenly, his daughter's girlfriend came into the kitchen, who was almost naked, from this kind of dick the peasant immediately tensed up. The beautiful Dillion took off her T-shirt and showed the man her breasts, with all this, she also allowed her to touch it. The uncle could not restrain his emotions by looking and touching the young body of a sexy girl, the baby knocked the man down on the sofa, took out his penis and began to suck it. The lonely father didn't care anymore that this girl was his daughter's best friend, because she sucked his cock so wonderfully. After the blowjob, the baby climbed on the man's penis and began to actively jump on it while they were fucking, the daughter of this uncle returned and almost caught her father with her friend, but the dark-haired baby quickly hid and was not caught, after which the baby completed this amazing sex with an excellent blowjob, after which the man finished.

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