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Petite Blonde Fucked With A Friend's Boyfriend

Every day, the petite blonde Hime Marie comes to her friend to sunbathe and swim in the pool. Even when a friend was not at home, the girl calmly walked into the backyard and basked in a pleasant place. After enjoying the sun, the bitch went inside and met the guy. Depraved thoughts flashed through her head, after which the baby took off her swimsuit in front of him and poisoned herself to splash in the shower. Warm streams of water slid over her body, while the boy wanted to join her. Passionately pressing the girl to him, he began to cover her neck with kisses, while her hand tightly grabbed his penis. Realizing that he was completely in her power, the slut got on her knees to suck his penis, lick his balls with her lustful tongue, and swallow deeper. After such caresses, the pumped-up boy lifted the crumb leg and inserted it in this position. His fingers caressed the clitoris while the penis continued to slide into her cap, making the blonde skin moan with pleasure. The movements became faster and deeper, and the girl could no longer fuck standing up, then the guy lay down on the floor and planted her on top.

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