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532 11 months ago 27:55

A Depraved Blonde Seduced A Neighbor's Guy

Mom is very unhappy that her son is constantly sitting at home and spending time with video games or on the Internet. Fortunately, a new neighbor, a charming blonde named Lovita Fate with a beautiful figure, agreed to come to visit. The woman was delighted and introduced her baby to the girl. The kid didn't know how to react to the beauty, but the blonde slut herself took the initiative and put her hand in his pants. Pulling out the guy's dick, the bitch began to suck sweetly, run her tongue over it, caress the eggs, and try to swallow his big size in the throat. While mom is ironing clothes in the next room, her son passionately licks the holes of an insatiable baby trying to restrain her moans of pleasure. When he finished doing cunnilingus, he checked the wet pussy with his fingers, and then smoothly inserted his huge dick into the insatiable girl. Taking the blonde by the hips, he began to fuck her hard from behind, trying to close his mouth with his palm. Mom informed the guys that tea would soon boil, not suspecting that at this time the slut spread her legs on the couch and the boy furiously hammers her and squeezes her beautiful breasts and sensitive papillae.

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