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A Tourist Came To The City To Hunt For Big Dicks

A tourist named Kiara Gold installed an application on her phone that allows her to determine the length of a guy's penis, and found out that the dimensions needed for her are in another country. The girl wandered for a long time in search of a worthwhile copy and suddenly the iPhone reacted to the pumped-up man who brought her water. The beauty immediately decided to thank him and said straight out that she wanted to suck his big dick. Grabbing a suitcase, the slut followed her new acquaintance into the alley, where she merged with him in a passionate kiss. Her hands immediately rushed to the shorts, and, pulling them off, the baby saw a suitable size in front of her. Her mouth immediately began to suck the head and eggs, and try to completely swallow it up to the tonsils. But the girl did not manage to feel it in her throat, then the skin turned to him with a booty and, having taken root to the wall, asked him to insert it into her narrow pussy. The man abruptly entered, grabbing his shoulder, and began to fuck hard, planting his thick dick deeper and deeper into the tourist. The baby enjoyed every movement and moaned loudly with pleasure, for the first time such a solid size was hammering into her hole, making her scream with delight.

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