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A Rich Brunette Fucks With A Guy She Knocked Down

A young brunette named Elena Gilbert is driving an expensive car that her rich parents bought for her and is talking on the phone with her girlfriend, thanks to which she safely knocks down a guy. Fortunately, the blow was not strong and the kid quickly recovered, but the majorette will have to apologize properly to the victim so that he does not sue her. The pedestrian decided to film how the baby would compensate for the damage, and turning on his smartphone, he began to record a video of how the lovely baby diligently works with her mouth, sucking his penis. The girl skillfully handles the penis, caressing it with her tongue and squeezing her lips, gently touching the eggs with her fingers. The rich skin was so excited that she turned her ass to him, and leaning on the hood, lifted her skirt. The boy quickly entered her wet pussy, starting to actively fuck the girl. Slut moans loudly when a hard dick hammers her pussy while holding her tits. Turning the beauty to face him, he forced her to spread her legs wider, and her penis was able to penetrate deeper into the insatiable cap. The boy accepted the apologies of the spoiled bitch for a long time, trying to tear her off as much as possible.

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