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An Adult Man Skillfully Fucks His Nephew's Doll

The wife of our hero, whose name is Scott Nails, has prepared a nice gift for her husband's nephew. The woman knows that at the age of eighteen, the guy has not fucked with a girl yet, so she bought a sex doll that will please the guy for a week as soon as it is convenient for him. A hot blonde Victoria June has become a doll for sex, a lot of guys, and not only guys, dream about sex with such a hot baby. . . The wife packed the beauty in a box, and forbade her husband to approach her, because she knew that he could break down and fuck her before her nephew. The peasant was left alone with the box, he quickly opened it and began to make a doll, but he could not think that the girl would be alive. She quickly took out the male's penis and began to please him, because that's what she's here for. The uncle was shocked by what was happening, but at the same time he was very happy. He fucked a busty doll in a variety of poses, making her moan loudly from amazing sex, and at the very end lowered his hot sperm on her.

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