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516 11 months ago 37:57

Asian Woman Seduced A Friend Of A Fitness Trainer

Asian Jade Kush decided to take up the body and bought various dumbbells and shells for this, but the girl does not know how to use them at all. To fix this problem, the baby calls a guy she knows who works as a fitness trainer. The girl has been trying to seduce him for a long time, and even hearing his voice on the phone masturbates. The guy turned out to be a real professional and gave a lot of valuable advice for squats. During the next exercises, the bitch unbuttons the swimsuit between her legs, exposing her pussy. The hands of a friend involuntarily reach for the labia and begin to caress them, smoothly stimulating the clitoris and plunging inside. After such caresses, the beauty gets on her knees and pulls out her excited penis. Her mouth passionately sucks the head, swallows it almost completely, and licks the eggs. The man also wanted to lick the slut's pussy, and arched it so that the dick remained behind her cheek, and the cap near his nose. The bitch really liked cunnilingus in this position, and almost finished, the baby falls on the pillow and asks the coach to abruptly enter her and fuck hard, which he does with pleasure.

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