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139 2 months ago 36:52

Bearded Guy Fucks His Sister's Russian Girlfriend

Russian girl Gina Gerson came to visit her friend for the weekend, the weather was very clear that day and the girls decided to sunbathe a little in the sun. Baby Gina didn't like the white stripes that remained from the swimsuit, so the girl took off her top and sunbathed topless. At this time, the bearded guy was just doing his body, the boy was pretty pumped up and decided to brag about it in front of the girls. When he went to the window, he saw the tits of his sister's girlfriend and decided to take this case on camera. Not for long he had to sit in a trap and shoot a naked girl on an iPhone, because the baby noticed the guy and decided to repay him with the same coin. Gina asked her friend to film the moment when she pulled down the guy's pants, but after the girl did it, she habitually started sucking the guy's penis. The kid and his sister were shocked by this, but the guy decided to take advantage of his position and fuck the Russian beauty properly. That's exactly what he did, taking the baby into the bedroom, in different poses, a bearded tattooed guy fucked a fragile blonde well.

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