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85 3 weeks ago 23:48

Unbalanced Harley Quinn Seduced A Sultry Katana

Sexual psychopath Harley Quinn was put in a psycho ward and put a sultry Japanese Katana to watch over the prisoner. Baby Harley became very bored and she decided to tease a Japanese girl, at one point the girls were very close to each other and a spark flashed between them, which marked the beginning of their passionate sex in the ward for psychopaths. Baby Harley loved to have fun, but she could not have imagined that a Japanese woman would be so hot. The girls began to kiss passionately and undress each other, after which Harley pulled off her panties and spread her legs in front of the tongue of the Japanese bitch. Katana literally plunged her sharp tongue between the legs of a crazy pussy and licked her pussy very well, Harley, in turn, also penetrated the Katana with her tongue and thoroughly licked her slit. The girls had a very good time in the ward for the crazy, doing passionate lesbian sex that will appeal to all fans of comics. This will definitely not be shown in cinemas, because everything can be expected from the abnormal Harley Quinn, because this girl finally lost her mind after meeting the Joker.

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