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Coach Teaches A Hot Housewife To Fuck Properly

Beautiful brunette Keisha Grey does not know how to cook at all, and she also has problems with washing. How can a lady please her spouse in this case? Fortunately, on the threshold of her house there was a legendary trainer for training housewives. The man started classes with the most important thing, and went with the beauty to the kitchen. The main rule is appropriate clothing, namely sexy underwear with a garter and stockings, the second is a welcoming pose on your knees with your mouth open, and the third action is to sweetly lick the eggs and suck the penis. The slut coped well with the task of the mustachioed master, and then he decided to check how working her pussy was. Laying the baby on the table, he smoothly inserted his dick into her hole, and, grabbing her ass, began to fuck passionately, not forgetting to give advice about moans and exciting words. After checking the baby's throat again, he wanted to see how the lady cleans the floors when she is having her from behind. The bitch carefully spreads the foam and rubs the tile while the healthy penis continues to tear her like the last slut. After finishing the checks, the teacher made a bonus for the lustful skin and tore it off hard on the couch.

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