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The Photo Shoot For Halloween Ended With Sex

A charming brunette named Michelle Martinez came to an erotic photo shoot dedicated to Halloween. The beauty ascended the podium in only panties, and stood submissively when the photographer applied a drawing to her body and face in the style of the Mexican gods of death. The bald man was pleased with the work done and began to shoot the baby in various poses. The girl moved so erotically that soon he got turned on, and pulled off his red panties to get to the cap. He gently caressed her labia with his tongue, ran it over her clitoris, feeling her pussy getting wetter and wetter. The bitch also got excited and knelt down to take his big cock in her mouth. The girl passionately sucked him, trying not to damage her makeup, and stay in the image. After a blowjob, the model bent over, substituting her hole for the man to tear. He abruptly entered the beauty, and grabbing her hips began to fuck intensely, slapping her ass. The baby wanted to get more passion and moaned lustfully when the lover threw her leg and began to tear, caressing her clitoris with his fingers. From such pleasure, the skin closed its eyes and continued to scream.

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