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A Pumped-up Guy Gently Fucks His Girlfriend And Her Girlfriend

When baby Lucy Doll stays home alone, she invites her best friend Peyton Coast to her and the girls have gentle lesbian sex, the beauty Lucy hides it from her lover because she is afraid that the guy will not understand her. After another hot night, the girls fell asleep and woke up only with the return of the guy, the Peyton beauty hid in the next room. When the boy always came back, the first thing he did was fuck his baby, and this day was no exception, he came into the bedroom, took out his dick and stuck it in his girlfriend's mouth. After the blowjob, the baby decided to please the guy and called her friend, when the boy saw a pretty blonde in front of him, he was very happy, he realized that his beauty was having fun with this bitch while he was not at home, but this did not affect the pumped-up male in any way. Today is his day, because it is not often possible to fuck two sexy girls at the same time. The beauties began to suck the penis of this guy, after which they put their pussies under his hard cock, the guy took turns fucking each of the girls, making the babies moan with pleasure. Changing different poses, they enjoyed each other's bodies and did everything to get maximum enjoyment. As a result, the guy pleasured two young girls, after which he lowered warm sperm directly into the mouths of these sexy beauties.

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