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878 2 months ago 36:06

The Men Exchanged Daughters And Punished Them With Members

Two girlfriends named Bunny Colby and Harlowe Blu recently often began to get into trouble after meeting a beauty named Serena. Today, the peasants phoned each other and decided to teach their daughters and their new girlfriend a lesson. The uncles kidnapped Serena and dragged her by force into their house, where their daughters were already sitting in the living room and waiting for punishment. Right in front of the girls, they stripped their new girlfriend and tied her tightly. At that moment, the girls were scared, but they knew how to solve the problem and apologize to their fathers. While their girlfriend was tied up, they decided to exchange fathers and have sex with them. The beauties quickly took out the strong members of the peasants and began to suck them skillfully. The uncle did not expect such behavior from the girls, but no one was against fucking his friend's daughter. As a result, the peasants exchanged daughters and pulled them hard on their big dicks, forcing the young beauties to moan loudly from hard sex. And their friend could only lie tied up and listen to how the peasants fuck young girls hard, but she was not there. And she wanted it oh so much. . .

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