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Cute Brunette Fucks With A Curious Pizza Delivery Guy

Young bitch Nicole Bexley was very hungry and decided to order a pizza at home. When the deliveryman came, the girl still could not find the money and when she once again went up to the second floor to search for them, she did not notice how she was lying and masturbating her pussy. The guy heard the moans and decided to see what the girl was doing there, he saw how pretty Nicole was jerking off her pussy and decided to take it off on camera. At one point, the girl noticed the boy, but was already too excited to drive him away. The beauty took out a thick pizza delivery guy's dick and started sucking it, after a blowjob, the guy sat the girl on his hard cock and fucked her well. Changing poses, the guy fucked the sexy Latina more intensely, not forgetting to shoot it all on camera. In the end, the kid managed to stick his penis out of the girl's pussy and finish the dark-skinned Latina right on her tummy.

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