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A Boy Fucks A Latin Bitch In The Pouring Rain

The Latin beauty Victoria Valencia came to her beloved for the weekend, the girl is now studying at the university and for this reason she can not see her lover as often as she would like. The girl decided to soak up a little under the warm rays of the sun and lie by the pool, but the guy had other plans for this baby, he wanted to discharge the sperm directly into the girl's mouth and properly tear off the baby. The boy doused the girl with water from a hose, then dragged the girl into the pool where the couple began to kiss. At that time, it was raining and their kisses in the pool looked very romantic. The couple got very excited from this and decided to fuck right in the rain, the girl took out the guy's hard penis and started sucking it, after which the guy pulled off his panties with a Latin crumb and entered her pink pussy. The boy decided to shoot all the sex on camera, because the girl very rarely visits him, and watching this video the boy will be able to masturbate his penis and remember his beloved. Fucking a girl on the street in the rain was very romantic, but the couple got tired of the water constantly dripping right into their eyes and they decided to go under the canopy. There the boy fucked the baby in different poses for quite a long time, after which he finished the girl right on the shaved pubis. This romantic sex, which was filmed on an amateur camera, the couple will remember for a long time, because they will always have a home video of good sex in the pouring rain.

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