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Doctor Fucks A Hot Blonde In Front Of Her Husband

A blonde bitch named Kenzie Taylor has long dreamed of having children, but the girl's attempts to have a child with her husband have always failed. The couple decided to go to the doctor and find out about their chances of having a baby. When the doctor comes into the office with the test results, the couple already sees that they are disappointing. Dr. Cross says that the blonde's husband is infertile, and that they will not have a child. The couple is very upset about this news, but the doctor tries to offer them a slightly different way to get the girl pregnant. The male says that he is ready to pour his sperm into the blonde's pussy, but he needs their consent for this. The couple is very angry after such impudence, but the doctor continues to intimidate them and begs to have sex with the blonde. At one point, the couple agrees to this, after which the doctor takes out his penis and gives it to the girl to suck. The blonde reluctantly begins to suck the doctor's penis right in front of her husband, after which the peasant begins to fuck the bitch in a variety of poses and ends up right inside the girl so that she can finally get pregnant.

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