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Football Player Fucked Two Skinny Sluts

A young guy on the lawn was practicing his skills with the ball. Two skinny beauties named Sofia Like and Sarah Kay were passing by, and the beauties were interested in a sporty guy with a beautiful physique. The bitches stood aside and began to watch the guy. Soon the boy noticed two female spectators and approached them to get acquainted and offer to play ball with the three of them. The cuties agreed, but on condition that they play all naked. The type did not think twice and threw off his shorts, the skinny ones also undressed and began to hit the ball towards the pumped-up man. After the trio got closer and the kid began to kiss the babies passionately. One of the girls got down on her knees and began to suck the athlete's penis, while the other continued to kiss. After that, the man began to take turns fucking skinny strangers in their shaved pussies. The babies moaned loudly and the guy began to fuck more gently than bitches. After sex, the athlete finished the beauties on their faces and they began to lick it off each other. The skinny girls got dressed, took a number from a stranger and went on their way.

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