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Hot Girl Climbed On Her Friend's Brother's Dick

A sexy beauty named Lily Jordan decided to call her friend to play volleyball, the girl came to her house, but her girlfriend's brother opened the door for her. It turned out that the sister of this handsome man was not at home and the boy offered the baby to teach her to play volleyball. Although the girl knew how to do it, she gladly agreed, because the guy immediately fell into her heart. In gratitude, the girl decided to give the boy a good blowjob, the boy certainly did not mind such a gift from this hot bitch. The beauty started sucking the guy's cock right in the hallway, and continued to do it already in the bedroom. After the blowjob, the boy planted the beauty on his thick cock and began to fuck this hot bitch. Lily moaned very loudly, because the boy's long dick penetrated quite deeply into the pussy of our beauty. For the girl, it was one of the best times in her life, because her girlfriend's brother turned out to be just an amazing lover who managed to fuck the baby well in a variety of poses and make the girl moan from orgasm.

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