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Latin Beauty Seduced And Fucked A Married Man

A young Latin bitch Veronica Rodriguez came to rest at the sea with her lover and their mutual friends, the beauty constantly could not find her boyfriend, because he loved to drink and for this reason often did not appear at home. One late evening, the baby stumbled upon her housemate, he was just reading a recipe book to cook a wonderful breakfast for his beloved in the morning. Baby Veronica really wanted sex and at that moment she didn't care who entered her pussy, the girl seduced a bald guy and started sucking his dick. The peasant could not do anything before the charm of a young bitch, even though he knew that his wife was very close and could come into the kitchen at any moment. At this moment, the man did not care at all, because he fucked his friend's young girl and did it very efficiently, baby Veronica finished squirting several times, because the peasant was doing something incredible. After that, the boy decided that it was time to wrap up, so he quickly took the penis out of the girl's pussy and quickly finished the baby right on her face. The girl was delighted with sex with her married friend, and promised that it would definitely happen again.

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