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416 9 months ago 21:09

Lustful Maid Fucked Her Boss

Depraved brunette Taissia Shanti got a job with an influential man wanting to seduce him. The girl puts on revealing outfits without panties, and wipes the dust so that the employer can see all her charms. But the boss just talks on the phone and tells his wife how much he loves her. The beauty could not wait any longer, and, throwing a rag at him, ordered him to look only at her. The man was shocked by what was happening and just watched as the bitch shows him her papillae, lifts her skirt and starts caressing her pussy. The owner of large companies turned out to be helpless in front of a concerned cleaner, who deftly pulled off his pants and began to suck passionately, swallowing deeper each time. After making a blowjob, the slut ordered him to lick his holes, and then tear it off properly. The employer simply obeyed her words and, taking the bitch by the hips, began furiously hammering her from behind, enjoying her magnificent pussy. The girl was just incredible when she straddled him from above, and, squeezing her clitoris with one hand, continued to jump on his penis, forcing the man to close his eyes with delight.

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