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612 11 months ago 24:41

Russian Girl Fucks On The Street With A Cute Guy

A sexy beauty named Shrima Malati wanted to smoke very much, so the baby decided to go outside to drown in cigarette smoke, even though it was forbidden to do this on the university grounds. The baby didn't even have time to take a drag as a guy came out to her who, noticing a smoking girl, decided to teach the baby a lesson, the beauty knew that breaking the rules could turn out very badly for her, so the Russian bitch decided to appease this boy. The beauty without hesitation took out the guy's penis and began to suck it, the boy definitely did not expect this, but he was clearly not averse to fucking this beauty right on the university grounds. The first thing the Russian baby did was to give the male a simply amazing blowjob, after which the boy pulled off his panties from our heroine, turned the girl around, and entered her sweet pussy. At that moment, the couple was not at all afraid that someone might see them, because they completely succumbed to passion. The sex turned out to be very good and in the end our hero lowered the sperm directly onto the flat tummy of the young beauty. How lucky this couple was that no one saw them, then they would definitely have been expelled from the university. . .

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