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232 6 months ago 25:54

The Boy Fucked His Sexy Beauty Properly

The appetizing baby Chloe Amour finally waited for her beloved from a long business trip, the guy arrived very unexpectedly, just at the moment when the beauty was thinking of doing yoga, but now the baby has completely switched her attention to the boy's penis. The kid also missed sex with his baby, because the couple had not seen each other for more than a week, he quickly took off her leggings and penetrated his tongue deep into the girl's pussy. After a great cunnilingus from the guy, the beauty could not resist and decided to suck his dick, oral caresses were part of the constant obligations when having sex. After exchanging oral pleasures, the guy put the girl on her knees and fucked the baby in a cancer pose. The couple had sex on the yoga mat, because there was so much passion in them that they did not have time to reach the bedroom, it's good that at least the rug was under the sexy bodies of this couple, otherwise they would have badly damaged the skin by fucking on the carpet. It turned out to be a very good and passionate sex in which a young boy after a long business trip finally got to the cherished places of his beloved girl.

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