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508 1 year ago 28:27

The Boy Loves To Lick The Feet Of A Gentle Brunette

Dark-haired beauty Heather Harris decided to please her lover and put on black underwear with stockings. Coming closer to him, the beauty smiled mischievously, and this was enough for the guy to instantly get excited and, grabbing her ass, sat her down on the table. The boy started his most favorite activity, he passionately kissed the girl's feet, and in order to get more pleasure from this activity, he tore the fabric, and continued his caresses. The baby likes such a passion for legs, because her smile is getting more depraved by the minute. After sucking each finger, he finally tears off her panties and proceeds to cunnilingus, after which he returns to the heels again. The brunette knows how to satisfy him even more. Unbuttoning his pants, the slut pulls out his penis and, holding his feet, begins to masturbate. From such pleasure, the boy closes his eyes. Having satisfied his desires enough, he enters the cap of his beloved and smoothly fuck her, holding her toes. The bitch moans languidly, feeling how the penis penetrates deeper and faster, delivering incredible satisfaction.

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