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The Gardener Fucked His Boss's Asshole Daughter

Brunette Valerie Kay is the greatest happiness for her father, because he allows his princess anything, and does not let guys near her. But the ass-eating beauty loves to have sex, and while Dad doesn't see, seduces the servants. This time the victim was a gardener who agreed to smear her back while the concerned girl was sunbathing. Her gorgeous ass quickly aroused the guy, but he knew that he could not touch her, so he obeyed the order, quickly ran into the bathroom to masturbate. But the slut expected such a turn, and came for him. Grabbing the penis, the boss's daughter brought him to the pool and began to suck passionately, swallowing the balls. Her fingers played with his penis when the bitch looked at him with a mischievous look. After enjoying his taste, the skin turned its ass to him and jumped on the dick. Her movements were very smooth, but passionate. Every action of the girl brought him incredible pleasure, and to show her his passion, he put the bitch with cancer. With one sharp movement, he entered and began to fuck her slapping her buttocks, squeezing them under the passionate moans of the slut.

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