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488 7 months ago 37:07

The Guy Changed Into A Pikachu And Fucked A Drunk Sister

A young girl Cece Capella got thoroughly drunk and decided to fantasize about sex with Pikachu, the baby took a plush toy and began to kiss her, after which she drove a soft Pikachu over her tender body. The guy accidentally saw the erotic fantasies of his drunken sister and decided to turn them into reality, very quickly the boy found a Pikachu costume and snuck into bed with a young girl. At that moment, the baby was sleeping and when she opened her eyes, she saw her beloved Pikachu in front of her, whose penis was visible through the suit. The baby thought it was a dream and did not pay attention that her brother was under the suit, so the girl began to suck his thick penis. The girl's erotic fantasy turned into reality, and the guy got what he always dreamed of. In a variety of poses, the boy fucked his drunk sister in a yellow Pikachu costume, after which he finished the baby right in her pussy. After amazing sex, baby Cece immediately fell asleep, and in the morning the girl may not remember that her brother fucked her for real.

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