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743 11 months ago 28:42

The Guy Pulled A Mulatto Doing Yoga In The Morning

A charming beauty named Luna Corazon starts every morning with yoga exercises. The mulatto bends in various sexual poses, wearing only shorts. Her breasts sway seductively when the baby bends once again. A man, waking up, saw how his dark-skinned charming girl bends and bends, from such a picture he could not resist and decided to approach. The cutie felt how her lover touches her legs, runs his hands over her ass, and then goes down kissing her fingers. A man loves feet, he has a real fetish for it, because he gently licks the legs of his smiling girlfriend. The bitch knows what the guy likes, because pulling off his panties, the slut does not crawl to take it in her mouth, but falls on her back and clamps his excited penis with her feet, and slowly masturbate him, watching as the lover's eyes burn with desire, pleasure and lust. After the mulatto fulfilled his wishes, the lover throws off her shorts and licks the holes, trying to go deeper with his tongue, and then grabs her by the hips and abruptly impales her, gradually starting to fuck the Black woman.

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