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The Quarrel Of A Couple In Love Ended With Passionate Sex

A dark-skinned boy quarrels with his restless girlfriend named Penelope Cum, it seems that every word leads lovers to break up. Now he takes the car keys from the table, turns around and goes to the exit. But passing by the beauty, he lingers for a second, and this time is enough for the couple to merge in a passionate kiss. The young have forgotten about everything and caress each other's excited bodies, tearing off all their clothes. The Negro took off his panties from his princess and began to lick her pussy. His tongue gently plunges inside, causing the girlfriend to flinch from every movement and touch to the clitoris. The baby also wants to give him oral caresses, and, sitting on the sofa, takes out his black cock. The girl's mouth already knows how her lover likes it when her tongue licks the head, and the sponges suck the eggs. Feeling that the beloved can no longer tolerate the bitch jumps on top of him, and smoothly plunges his penis into himself. The boy enjoys the way the baby's hips bounce on him, but he wants more passion, and to get it, he puts the beauty on his back and, spreading his legs, begins to hammer hard into the hole.

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