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Baby Fucks With Her Father's Black Partner

A skinny girl named Izzy Bell recently broke up with her lover and has not had sex for a week. The student does not find a place for herself and wanders around the apartment in search of phallic objects. Fortunately for her, her father's black business partner came to visit, and even though there was only a daughter in the house, he kindly agreed to keep her company. The Negro stirred up several cocktails, scored a joint and smoked the girl, which made the little girl emboldened, when he was about to leave, invited him to inspect his room. The dark-skinned man immediately took the hint, and being near the bed, he pressed the baby to himself and began to tear off her clothes. The naked bitch rushed to unbutton his jeans, and get his cock, which was the biggest in her life. The size pleased the skin very much, and her mouth began to willingly suck it and try to swallow it. But the man dissuaded her from this idea, and so that the baby would not get upset, he laid her on the bed and passionately licked the cap, after which he immediately inserted it. The slut's eyes rolled up when a huge dick pulled her tight pussy, penetrating deeper each time. The skin moaned louder and louder with pleasure, hoping for a violent orgasm at the end.

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