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The Guy Seduced And Fucked His Best Friend's Girlfriend

The boy came to visit his best friend for a couple of days who lived with an appetizing girl, the guy immediately paid attention to the baby Kylie and forgetting about friendship decided that he would fuck her. When the guy was left alone with this seductive bitch, he took out his hard penis and asked the baby to kiss him, the girl obediently complied with the boy's request and already began to think how this dick would slowly penetrate her hole. But at that moment, the girl's boyfriend called his friend and the boy was forced to postpone sex with this cutie a little. After a while, the guy caught the beauty on the stairs and massaged her tender pussy a little, but again he was forced to part with this baby. The beautiful Kylie Page was left alone in her room and decided to play a little with her pussy, as her boyfriend's best friend came into the room again and the girl already realized that she would never run away from him, not being shy of the guy, she began to masturbate her hole right in front of him, the kid got excited from such a sight and decided to help the baby have fun. He began to lick the pink pussy of a pretty baby, after which he entered her hole and fucked the girl properly in different poses, the culmination of this betrayal was that the baby took the guy's warm sperm into her mouth, but the beauty was satisfied with this sex.

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