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The Guy Shocked The Girl With The Desire To Fuck

In the morning, handsome Chad White washes in the bathroom, puts foam on his face and shaves with a machine. When he copes with his business, he will communicate by mobile phone with the beauty Uma Jolie, with whom he will be obliged to meet today. This will happen pretty soon, and the dude passes the doll a bag containing something. The two of them go upstairs, sit down on the sofa, and the girl starts rummaging, looking at what is in it. First she reads the postcard, then enjoys the clothes he bought for her. But very soon it will be a real shock for the girl what this dude has in mind — he is going to fuck her. A girl with a ring in her nose immediately changes in mood, begins to behave nervously. And then she knocks him down on the couch, swearing and doing what needs to be done. The girl makes a suction of the phallus, which is still lying, but will have to get up very soon. However, blowjob is not limited to business, because very soon on the bed the dude will do cunnilingus in response to her, and also fuck a little without a condom. They both realized that all this is not done in vain. The girl will be able to reach orgasm, and the dude will do the same after her. But this moment is still very far away.

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