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The Guy Skillfully Fucks His Friend's Lustful Wife

A man invited his friend to visit to make him a tempting offer. The couple is trying to get pregnant, but nothing works out for them, then the husband found out that he could not become a father and offered his depraved wife named Esperanza del Horno to fuck with another. The choice fell on a good friend of the family, whom the bitch wanted to fuck for a long time. Going into the room, the girl took off her panties, and, turning around, lubricated her holes. The boy immediately got excited and began to caress her, after which the beauty got on her knees. Her experienced mouth deftly swallowed the head, and the tongue perfectly licked the eggs, forcing the lover to close his eyes with pleasure. After such magnificent caresses, the slut got cancer and asked to fuck her hard. The guy does not need to be repeated twice, his hands grabbed the girl by the hips and pulled her on the excited dick in one movement. The bitch moans passionately when her husband's acquaintance has her, the beauty enjoys every movement, and obediently changes poses, wanting to give him maximum pleasure with her insatiable pussy. Having well torn off the spouse of a friend, he ends up abundantly in her and pours a little sperm into the pubis.

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