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444 1 year ago 33:42

The Peasant Fucks His Unfaithful Wife Pretty Hard

A hot beauty named Kristen Scott is looking for entertainment on the side, although she is already engaged to her beloved boyfriend, but she lacks any emotions, which is why she is cheating on her future husband. The boy suspected the girl of this quite recently, and today he decided to follow her. In the morning, the baby was talking to someone on the phone, after which she took off her ring and went somewhere. The beauty went to meet her lover, who fucks our heroine every week, while her fiance thinks that the girl goes to the gym. When baby Kristen returned home, the guy decided to punish her properly, he tied the girl to the bed, took out his big dick and began roughly shoving it into his fiancee's mouth, simultaneously filming it all on camera. The girl felt guilty, so she did everything that the groom would tell her, and today in bed he was a real dominator. Perhaps it was just such sex that the beauty lacked, because due to the lack of passion in bed, she decided to look for her on the side, but the groom today proved that in bed he can be unpredictable and very rude.

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