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Young Blonde Fucks With A Black Man In The Bedroom

Young Elsa Jean came to a country house for the weekend to her older sister. Her sister was doing repairs and invited a healthy Negro to paint some spare parts for the garden. A cute blonde, but would not bother anyone, retired to the sofa and began listening to music. The sloppy guy spilled paint and got all smeared, he had to go to the shower. After a couple of minutes, baby Elsa went to the bathroom to take a cold shower to relax, but as soon as she opened the door, she noticed a naked Black man with a big dick. The blonde was shocked and a little excited. She approached the big guy and began to touch his large penis. The Negro's penis rose and hardened more and more from gentle touches. As soon as the bolt reached its maximum size, the already wet bitch began to suck it gently. After that, the baby dragged the man into the bedroom, and decided to fuck with him while her strictly sister is not in the house. The bitch spread her legs in front of the Negro, and a huge dick entered her narrow pussy. After passionate sex, the guy fed the baby with sperm and went on to work in the yard.

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