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A Beautiful Couple Gently Fucks Near The Window

The lovely blonde Pink Violet is standing near a large window, and at this time her lover approaches her, gently hugging her to him. Their fingers are intertwined together, and their eyes are burning with desire. Touching their lips, the lovers gave free rein to their feelings, and gradually began to take off each other's clothes. The guy was the first to bare the baby, and lifting one of her legs, ran his tongue over the cap, which made the girl sigh languidly. His caresses became more and more passionate, he knew how sensitive the girlfriend's clitoris was. After licking the beauty, he pulled down his pants and took out his big dick. The baby gently ran her pen over it, and then directed it into her wet cap. His movements with his hips slowly drove the dick into the beauty, who continued to stand on one leg. But soon the cutie got tired, and turning her booty, pressed herself against the wall, allowing the boy to speed up the pace and start fucking her from behind. To catch her breath, the blonde decided to go down to suck his cock with her lustful mouth and tongue. The guy realized that their desires have become even more lustful, and in order to satisfy all the passion, it is necessary to move to the sofa.

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