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187 1 month ago 29:12

An Intergalactic Hunter Fucks A Kidnapped Princess

An intergalactic bounty hunter has kidnapped the charming princess Lay (Abby Cross). The girl was very sexy and that's why the lustful hunter decided to use the girl's body for his own pleasures. He found a place in the desert where he could put this gorgeous girl on his huge stake. The baby was not against fucking with her captor, because perhaps this was her only chance to escape from captivity. Bob took out his penis and just amazed the girl, because his penis was just huge. Baby Lay pounced on this huge phallus and completely surrendered to her captor. After sex, hunter Bob relaxed for a minute and forgot his blaster, at that moment the girl caught the guy by shooting him in the face. Now the charming girl is completely free, but the problem is that she is on a completely alien planet. . .

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